Roadmap to Alpha v2

Vale Unleashed
4 min readFeb 1, 2022


After finishing up the Badger mint, our focus turned toward the next set of game features. We decided to lump together Alpha v2 and v3 features into various development milestones as there are some features that tie together.

With that said, lets see the list of game features along with some changes that will be part of this development cycle. This list is in order for how we plan to release them.


  • Remove Name field during signup & registration. We don’t need this data. We initially planned to address the user by their name but we can simply use your Nickname instead. In the era of blockchain, the less data we have store the better.
  • Add “Return to Login” link on the signup & registration screen.
  • Show players Nickname next to the Battle Feed result. This one is particularly important even though it’s small as it allows anyone in the community to see who was victorious during a battle. That means that anyone can host tournaments whether that’s an individual or another project!

New Features

  • Alternate UX and animation for the ranged weapons. Think arrow sounds and arrow streaks instead of slashes and sword noises. Simple and helps keep the immersion.
  • UX for Blocking and Parry. Currently this is missing so if you block then it just looks like the game did nothing for a turn. Some UX feedback would be infinitely helpful here!
  • Better Battle Report and Social Sharing. When you conquer your enemy and attempt to share the Battle Report, you’ll be met with lack luster results. The report doesn’t embed and that's if the report link automatically fills in your post. We aim to fix this.
  • Player Profiles. This is a core feature to the game, the Players Profile is how other people can see your over-all seasonal stats, how you can brag, and were we’ll show you your game achievements.
  • Leaderboards. Leaderboards will rank all the players and show how everyone compares. Toping the leaderboard for a season could mean special prizes!
  • PvE AI. This was originally planned for our Demo launch, however we just couldn’t get the AI to behave the way we wanted by our deadline. The AI will be a 24/7 battle opponent with a variety of enemies to battle against.
  • $VALE Token Integration. Enable VALE payouts for winning PvP and PvE battles, this will make Vale Unleashed officially a Play-to-Earn game. This is a big topic and we’ll discuss this more at a later date!
  • Smart Contract — Prize Pool. Two players will be able to wager agreed upon prizes in SOL or VALE. The winner taking the pool!
  • Smart Contract — Prisoner. Two players will be able to escrow an NFT. The winner will receive their NFT back, the loser will have to pay the prisoner release fee. If paid the loser will get their NFT back, if the fee is not paid, the winner will get the losers NFT after days!
  • Weapon Specific Move Sets. While the Demo of the game is simple right now, this is one of the core game features that will make it more complex. Each weapon the Dray have will have its own move set. Each weapon will have its own Regular, Heavy, & Special attack. Regular attacks will build up “Rage” while Heavy and Special attacks will expend your Rage. This will make for some interesting and tactical battles, especially once combined with the next feature!
  • PvP 3v3. Allow each opponent to select 3 Dray to bring to battle. Battles will be won and lost based on your squad composition!

Some of you may be asking about the Items and Item Shop. It’s not on the development roadmap for v2 as a feature, and that’s because we’ve had to tighten our belt as we didn’t mint out very many Badgers. We’re planning to implement the Item Shop using an alternative but less customized approach until we have the resources to integrate the Items shop as an internal game feature. So you’ll “mint” the item NFT through 3rd party hosted market but the item will still be usable within Vale Unleashed. We’ll discuss the Item Shop is its v1 implementation at a later date.

Well that’s the list of planned features for v2, we plan to release updates with the changes and new features as they are created.

While the game continues to be played and we hear more feedback we may very well add in new fixes or features. For now though this will keep us busy until March!



Vale Unleashed

Vale Unleashed is a Solana based battle game where players can dominate in PvE or PvP using their Vale Unleashed NFTs as their characters.